The logo of the Alexine Clarysse Foundation is a wonderful bird, designed and drawned by her founder at the tender age of six year. Alexine made this beautiful work of art just a few weeks before she was diagnosed with leukemia. The bird whistles cheerfully on a branch of a tree, in the middle of a colourful watercolor finished with crayons.

Fonds Alexine

The symbolism of the bird can have a different meaning in the various cultures and religions. In general the bird symbolises almost always high ideals: thruth, spirituality, imagination, art, creativity, elevated consciousness, predictive abilities, freedom, release. In many cultures the bird symbolises eternal life. They constitute the link between heaven and earth. They are the winged soul and represent the mirror of the soul. They are also the symbol of wisdom and intelligence. In the context of maternity the bird is often associated with: love, safety, protection, growth, care, healing, compassion, self-sacrifice, contentment. The bird on the branch of a tree symbolises mutual love.

 The choice of the bird as logo of the Foundation was thus obvious for different reasons. The bird symbolises some of the precious values of Alexine: love, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, care, creativity… The bird as link between heaven and earth symbolises also the Foundation as link between Alexine and her parents, who want to honour her legacy through the foundation. The bird in association with healing, is also the perfect symbol for the biggest dream of Alexine: “that all chidren may heal from cancer!” The bird as symbol for eternal life represents finally her parents’ belief that Alexine continues to live as a winged soul, free from pain and suffering.