The Alexine Clarysse Foundation was named after her very young founder, Alexine Clarysse. She was barely 6 year old when the doctors diagnosed her with an agressive form of leukemia on the 24th of November 2010. It was the beginning of a tough battle against a life-threatening disease.

 Many of Alexine’s friends wanted to give her presents. But instead she decided with her parents to ask for donations in favour of childhoodcancer research. On the 30th of September 2011 Alexine celebrated her 7th birthday. Thanks to the generous contributions of many friends and supporters, she gave a few days later a large cheque of no less then 31.000 euro to the Kinerkankerfonds (Childrencancer foundation). Alexine was very enthusiastic about her foundation. She wanted to help as much as possible in the realization of her dream, “that all children could be healed from cancer”. Driven as she was, she continued to collect money. Her goal was to give again a cheque in support of pediatric cancer research for her 8th birthday.

 During the treatment of the leukemia, the doctors focussed on the disease itself, with little or no consideration for the physical and psychological well-being of the little patient, which is as important. The integrative medicine however aims at combining the conventional medicine with a safe complementary care, of which the efficacy has been proven. The complementary treatments might lead to the use of less invasive conventional treatments so that the well-being and the immune system of the patient is enhanced. Body, mind and spirituality form one whole, after all. So Alexine decided with her parents to support financially research on conventional as well as complementary promising childhood cancer therapies.

 Despite her continuous courageous fight, Alexine passed away on the 24th of December 2011. Her wonderful legacy is now continued by her parents and her brothers. They decided to work with the Anticancer Fund. It is a private foundation providing research-based information on cancer therapies and selectively funding the development of promising therapies. The Alexine Clarysse Foundation provides financial support to specific research on children cancer therapies organised by the Anticancer Fund, in collaboration with scientifically recognised research centers. To this end, the Foundation organizes every year several actions of which the proceeds go entirely to childhood cancer research. The operating costs of the Foundation of Alexine are completely assumed by her parents.